Busy, busy, busy…

It’s been a very busy month for me.  I lost my primary income, so my sole source of income (for the moment) is now MicroStock and I’m not making nearly enough to cover all my bills.  I am managing to pick up a contract job now and again, but not enough.  So it’s a mad frantic dash to start producing and getting as much as possible online.

Sadly, I am not anywhere near my goals for uploading this month.  I had to make a trip to Tennessee for a few days and unfortunately the situation conspired against me for getting much footage from the trip.  I did get some nice stuff in St Louis, MO, but not as much as I would have liked.  I managed to spend a day at a local park for a Tulip festival and get some very nice footage which I’ve uploaded everywhere.  The great news is that it’s already selling on a couple of sites.

I must say that I am almost exclusively using my Canon T2i for capturing footage.  I haven’t run into a situation where I’ve needed to use the Canon HF11 and, quite honestly, the T2i footage is so much better.  I let my step-daughter use the HF11 at the Tulip festival and she got a few usable clips for me.  I’m going to spend time this summer teaching her more about video and photography, that should be fun.

I ordered a number of items before my income situation changed, so  I have a “Slider Dolly”, a DIY portable green screen (I made the frame using PVC pipe), a new camera bag and a “variable ND filter” which is one of the best investments I’ve made so far.  The ability to “dial” the needed filter setting instead of messing with a bunch of different filters is fantastic.  I also got some new lighting stuff from Home Depot to upgrade my DIY home studio lighting kit.

I’ve been planning to do some reviews of a couple iPhone apps for MicroStock, but I’ve been  having issues with an iPhone video cable that would allow me to record video from my iPhone.  The first one I ordered got lost in the mail and the replacement isn’t working. Although, the Chinese company that I bought it from says it’s my iPhone and not their cable… So, I’m going to do the reviews the old fashioned way with screen shots taken with my camera instead of video.  I’ll post them on the iSyndica blog starting next week some time.

My good friend Bryan (aka EternalSpline) joined a new up and coming MicroStock site called MediaStock.  He’s been bugging me and a few other friends to check it out and join, which I finally got around to doing in mid April.  They sell stock footage, photos, music, after effects projects and 3D models.  An interesting “all-in-one” approach.  So far, I’m very impressed with them.  I have only managed to get 72 files online, but within a week I had my first sale and so far I’ve had 4 total sales in April.  They’re kicking ClipCanvas and iStock’s asses.  Like my other favorite sites, Pond5 and RevoStock, they are very artist friendly.  They’ve made a number of changes to the site based on artist suggestions and they’re very eager, so changes come quickly (I remember those days at Pond5….sigh).  With stock footage you get to set your own prices, but they set the prices on photos and music.  Not sure about AE projects and 3D models, I haven’t submitted any yet.

I mentioned in a previous blog that iSyndica added the ability to edit meta-data in video files.  At that time only PixelFlow supported importing meta-data, but I’m happy to announce that Pond5 also imports embedded meta-data.  MediaStock is adding support and should have it working very shortly, and rumor has it that RevoStock will also support it.  Just like with photos, that means you can embed the Title, Description, and Keywords right into your video file which is imported to supported sites automatically.  A HUGE step in speeding up the submission process.

I’ll have more details about how the sites are doing in a few days when I post my April sales report.

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