Long slow year, mostly…

Stock Footage DataIt’s mostly been a long slow year for my MicroStock portfolio.  My Pond5 sales are down by 30% from same month sales last year. I know there’s a lot of infighting on the Pond5 forums about pricing, but when I slugged through the numbers I found a direct correlation between my poor sales performance on Pond5 and my having raised my prices there a year ago.  I’ve lowered my prices back to where they were and we’ll see how things go for the rest of the year.  Of course, we’re headed into the summer slump, so I’m not expecting anything radical until September.

RevoStock fell off the edge of the earth.  And Craig can complain all he wants, but I’m hearing it from every single one of my friends who sell there.  Footage sales are WAY DOWN.  It’s like they totally gave up or all their footage customers left for greener pastures.  They’re doing a big anniversary sale there right now, but it doesn’t appear to be doing any good.  It’s too bad because, as I mentioned in a previous article, RevoStock is one of the “good guys” in MicroStock and they really do deserve to be successful.

Shutterstock is my anomaly.  Sales continue to grow there even though my portfolio is small at the moment and growing slowly.  Tom Spota, who took over the footage area of Shutterstock, has been extremely aggressive in growing their share of market sales.  He’s personally contacted the big players (even a little player like me) and has overseen an overhaul of the submission process as well as aggressively marketing Shutterstock Footage to buyers.  With the near complete lack of anything new on Pond5 in over a year, I fully expect Shutterstock to overtake Pond5 as #1 in footage sales by the end of 2013… unless Pond5 gets off their butts and gets back to communicating with artists and updating features on their site.

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  1. Kick says:

    For me Pond5 is still doing well, it is my number one stockseller. My artist name there is ‘kickie’. Shutterstock follows second and Istock third. But i agree Revostock is doing little. But also Clipdealer and Clipcanvas are very slow sellers. I still doubting whether to upload shots there. My portfolio on Pond5 has 439 shots now. I hope to pass 500 before september.

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